The KILL ZONE SNIPER Expert Advisor – your Ultimate Forex Trading Tool for 2023


This EA is a scalper and only takes about 1-3 trades during active session times. The EA performs best with high impact news during the New York open and will look for low risk high reward scalp entries. You can expect a decent stop loss of about 20 pips and look to get 100+ pips return. The EA has excellent risk management.



The EA is a sniper scalper and does not do any dangerous grid trading.



Maximum trade length is 1hour and does not do any dangerous hedging.



The EA does not use this dangerous technique known to blow accounts.



It can trade a $100 account or $100,000 Funded Account just as easily. Works with firms that allow news trading.



Set to trade the New York open by default but you are able to adjust active trading times to Asian or London open.



Every trade has an instant stop loss with the option to trail. Comes with set files for different funding account sizes.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:


Wow! Finding 300K in funding can be a daunting task. But thanks to this incredible software, I was able to pass the funded account challenge and unlock that once seemingly impossible goal…all within just four days? Now THAT’S amazing!!

Dimitri H.


Just your average Joe working a daily 9-5, but then I stumbled across this incredible algo – and everything changed. With it’s help, passing that first funded account test was easy as pie! Now I’m in control of an impressive $300k to play around with on the trading floor. Who knows where my next adventure will take me?

Raj S.


Trading can be a real gamble – but this tool takes that guesswork out and gives you the upper hand. I’ve used it for awhile now, and man do I feel like my edge in trading has grown significantly! It’s really revolutionized how well I’m able to navigate through the markets.

Alfredo T.


This EA is something special! I jumped into day trading by starting off with a huge 100k account and passed Tier 1 in record time – less than one week. Once my first payout hits, you can bet I’m coming back for more of this incredible tool because it really does have the power to change your life. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of this amazing opportunity – don’t sleep on it!

Ashok P.


I’ve had zero luck in the past with EA’s, but Kill Zone Sniper has turned that around for me. This money-making software is killing it and doing all the work for me! It’s a must have if you want to make big profits from your trading. That said – huge shout out to Hardcoretradxr because this EA really delivers results!

Samantha P.


Hardcoretradxr is a legend in the trading world, and his algo takes things to another level of awesomeness. If you’re serious about making smart decisions with your money – this is what you need! Trust me when I say it’s 10/10 worth an investment… Go get yours now!!

Jonas H.

Trade The Big League

These are just some of the major prop firms that allow EA’s to trade